Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number

Hotmail Customer Service and Support Helpline Number

Hotmail is one of the premium emails service providers. Hotmail is one of the ideal email services one may encounter today. There are millions across the globe who make use of Hotmail services to connect to their loved ones. Everyone is hooked to virtual world of computer and excessively make use of the internet services to its advantages, especially mail services. Hotmail accounts are good for professional work as the security mechanism is built sound enough to avoid any sort of data pilferage or hacking. Yet certain issues are bound to crop up that may disseminate in to the mail account and greatly bother the user. There are plentiful of issues that a Hotmail account can suffer from but can be best resolved through Hotmail Technical Support. But, primarily focus on the issues. Many of them you must be aware of but many of them are not generally popular. Here are few technical issues of Hotmail.Hotmail customer service, hotmail customer support, hotmail technical support

Problem in Hotmail Log in

  1. Unable to register in Hotmail
  2. Problem in Hotmail settings
  3. Issues in Deleting and Restoring of Hotmail
  4. Forgotten Hotmail Password
  5. Unsolicited and Unwanted Hotmail messages
  6. Getting too many spam mails
  7. Issues in changing themes, pictures or anything else in setting
  8. Problem in finding mails
  9. Issues in attaching POP, Link and SMTP
  10. How to use Hotmail chatting option
  11. Errors in Hotmail not working

A Quick Glance at Hotmail

Hotmail is a Microsoft owned email service that saw its inception in the year 1996. The company was established in 1996 but was soon taken over by Microsoft after seeing its immense potential. The recent version of Hotmail was launched in the year 2011 that had single mail attachment of 300 MB. Moreover, many people preferred to use this platform because of its inbuilt special feature of virus protection and spam control that curbed hacking and spy related issues. There are many applications for windows, ios and blackberry which Hotmail engineers develop. At times there are certain problems which may arise which can best resolved by or browsing Microsoft support page. In addition if you are Hotmail account user then you can reach out to Hotmail helpline.

Aim of Hotmail Customer Support

  1. Assisting the user to check who has recently operated in to their account
  2. Issues pertaining to Hotmail login and registration
  3. Synchronization issues as in mail, contacts and calendar
  4. Providing support when Hotmail is not functioning properly
  5. Support pertaining to configuring a new hotmail account
  6. Dealing with all suspicious issues like account hacking, spam mails and unsolicited


  1. Deleting hotmail account if required
  2. Aiding in recovering password
  3. Managing problems that relate to website phishing, virus attacking and mal functioning
  4. Recovering accounts deleted by mistake and all important data information

In addition to tech support, Hotmail also offers some Help modules for its free users which is kind of “Do It Yourself “resolution to various kinds of problems that may arise. Live support and chat support is also offered.

How to Reach Out To Hotmail Technical Support

Hotmail assistance becomes essential when a problem breaks in your mail account and refrain you from operating the account any further. It can be really annoying. But here is the way out.

Go to the address bar of your browser and search for Hotmail support. Complete the search and reach out to Hotmail genuine professionals. The experts are well-versed with technical glitches and offer complete assistance to the user. You can either drop a query or can do live chat. You can also browse through Hotmail forums or Microsoft community to fetch required help.