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Windows Live Mail Customer Service brings some innovative tips for the esteemed users of WLM. In order to make your WLM management better, you are requested to go through these tips. Apart from giving you two powerful solutions, this page will also share the benefit of using Windows Live Mail Technical Support Number. Hopefully, you will come to know few things about its working procedure Windows Live Mail Customer Service Number, Contact Live Mail Tech Support Number,Live Mail Toll free Number,live mail customer helpline number for windows .

How to setup Windows Live Essentials in Windows 10?

Windows Live Essentials setup requires the download of its web setup file which is 2 MB in size. Because of its compatibility with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, you don’t need to be conscious about the mode of the operating system while downloading it. But yes, you are suggested to download the latest version of the program. Once it is downloaded, you need to make double-click on the setup file. Click [Yes] if the [User Account Control] prompt appears. Please select the [close the programs you want to install] against the question [what do you want to install]; avoid [install all of Windows Essentials (recommended)]. If you click on the first option, install all of Windows Essentials (recommended), Movie Maker, Writer, Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, One Drive and Outlook Connector Pack will be installed automatically. So, the suggestion from Windows Live Mail Technical Support is to uncheck all the programs except the Mail. The message [Windows Live Essentials is installed] will appear after the complete installation. Well, you should not forget to install the update from Microsoft to continue using it on Windows without any performance related issue.

How to backup Windows Live Mail?

To make the backup of Windows Live Mail on a computer running the Windows OS, you need to create some folders on your computer. The created files at the My Documents section will save the data. You can name the folders as WLM Backups. Please date-stamp to the Messages folder name so that you can save more backups next time. It will also help to recognize the data according to the date. Go to the top left portion of Windows Live Mail and select Export email. After that, you need to click on Account. Also, highlight the mail account that is needed to be saved. Click on the [Export] button now. Browse to the [Mail] folder that you have created earlier. Hit the [Save] key after you have given the file a name.

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