Canon Printer Setup & installation

How To Install And Setup The Canon Printer

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A Canon Wireless Printer allows multiple computers to print from everywhere at home or office without the need for wires. Wireless printing has become more and more popular because it is easy and convenient. Canon Printer Setup & installation, canon wireless printer installation, canon wireless printer setup, setup wireless printer of canon , canon printer tech support phone number, canon wireless printer setup, how to connect wireless printer, how to install a printer, how to install wireless printer, how to set up wireless printer, The Canon Pixma is a combination scanner, copier, fax and printer with built-in wireless networking capability. If you have Wi-Fi available where the printer is, you can connect your printer without having to use a cable or a wire. For set up and installation of canon printers you just follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Remove all the protective materials and orange color tape outside the machine.
  • Step 2. Open the Paper Output Tray and lift the Scanning unit Cover.
  • Step 3. Remove protective material and orange color tape around Ink Cartridge Holder. Close the Scanning unit cover.
  • Step 4. Insert the power cord into the power interface on the left side of the printer and connect the other end to the wall power outlet.
  • Step 5. Press the ON button to turn on the printer. Use Operation Panel to select the language, then press OK button.
  • Step 6. Press ON button to turn off printer. Open Scanning unit Cover. Insert Ink Cartridge Holder into the Holder. Close Scanning unit Cover.
  • Step 7. Press ON button to turn on printer. Wait a while for printer to adjust the Ink Cartridge.
  • Step 8. Press the Setup button. Use Operation Panel select Wireless LAN setup, then press OK button.
  • Step 9. Select Easy setup. Press OK button. Select Access point, press OK button.
  • Step 10. Enter WEP-key by Operation Panel, press OK.
  • Step 11. Insert the Setup CD-ROM in to the computer’s CD-ROM drive.
  • Step 12. Click Run Msetup4.exe on the AutoPlay screen. If AutoPlay screen not shown go to the CD-ROM folder and right click Msetup4.exe then choose open.
  • Step 13. Select your place of residence in the pop-up window. Then click next.
  • Step 14. Click Easy Install. At the next page Click Install.
  • Step 15. Select Use the printer on network. Then click Next.
  • Step 16. Wait for the installation. It will take a while. When Printer Detection screen appears, click next.
  • Step 17. In the detected printers list, select your Printer and click Next
  • Step 18. Wait for printer Setup Completion window appears, click Complete.
  • Step 19. The Printer Application Menu will appear. Now the setup is completed.