How to fix the AOL Error ‘the message was not sent due to an error?’

AOL Email is an outstanding email preferred by billions of individual across the world. It gives a wide range of attractive features which always attract the users. From giving a good attachment limit in every email to compatibility with every platform, AOL mail is more expressive in several terms. But several times, numerous error messages interrupt the users from using their mail. And one such error is ‘the message was not sent due to an’. The finest part about this specific AOL error is that you can troubleshoot it on your end and that too without any help. Alternatively, you can visit for AOL Email customer care phone number 1800-303-2439 for any kind of technical guidance.

You can try the troubleshooting options mentioned under to resolve the error from creating a hiccup in your usage. Just ensure that you follow the points perfectly.


Solution: How to fix the AOL Error ‘the message was not sent due to an error’

Give a pause: this is the finest option you can always try and that is to wait for some time and take a rest. Then try to send an email.

Check the AOL: if you still see the error message continuously prompt on your screen then you need to verify the letters of AOL or A.O.L. are not mistypes with your AOL Account display name.

Check the display name: There can be chances that you might have recently recovered from a hacked mail account and you are addressing this error message. So you should ensure that the account name is correct. Simply click on the options button > select mail settings > click compose and scroll down to look for display name area.

Other solutions:

  • Ensure the software is up to date
  • Carefully check the status of cookies and if they are disabled then enable them
  • Simply clear all cache, cookies and temporary files
  • Try to use a different web browser to log in to your account

If you end up trying all the solutions that are enlisted but find no way of success then you should quickly dial AOL customer care phone number 1800-303-2439 that stays active 24 hours of the day to avail the assistance from technical support professionals.